BA in International Law

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the bulletin for requirement details.

New courses for fall 2018

  • INTL L-250 Introduction to International Law and Institutions. Introduces the central instruments and methodological tools of international law through study of international law cases, major treaties, and key institutions such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.
  • INTL L-350 Origins and Evolution of International Law. Explores the history, central figures, and key arguments in the development of international law; concepts to be discussed include ‘natural law’, ‘reason of state’, ‘positivism’, ‘embedded liberalism’, ‘crimes against humanity’, and ‘Responsibility to Protect’.
  • INTL L-356 Intervention and Sovereignty. Discusses the origins and evolution of international laws on genocide, atrocity, and crimes against humanity, and explores the philosophical and legal bases for international laws on conflict.

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